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The Chinese Zodiac   

    The Chinese Zodiac uses a 12-year rotation of animals. Each animal represents 1 year and their rotation signals more than merely the passage of time. The animals signify the disposition of the people who are born throughout that year. For example, those who are born during the year represented by the dragon are expected to personify certain character traits that the dragon symbolizes. Below, we’ll describe the traits embodied by each animal in the Zodiac calendar. You’ll gain insight into the temperament of those born during each of the Zodiac’s years.



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         The rat was the first to be added into the Zodiac calendar. Charismatic and hard-working, people born during the year of the rat can also be selfish and even ruthless. They can simultaneously show love and affection but become angered quickly. They form the first animal trine with dragons and monkeys.

         People born under the ox are always dependable and make fantastic leaders. However, due to their unyielding personality, they can often be stubborn when they believe in their position. When they lead others, they’re often demanding (likely because they expect the best of themselves). They’re included in the second animal trine with snakes and roosters.

         Those who are born during the year of the tiger are usually lighthearted and this quality is reflected in their lifestyle. Though they can show passion for those around them, they’re easily angered and can be unpredictable. That’s due to their emotional side which has ample room for both love and selfishness. The tiger forms the third animal trine with the horse and dog.


         Of all Chinese Zodiac signs, the rabbit embodies grace. They gravitate toward serenity and tend to be creative. Though these people are usually tender and affectionate with those who are close to them, they can also be quiet and reserved. With sheep and pigs, the rabbit forms the fourth of four animal trines.

         The dragon is considered one of the most brash of Zodiac signs. People born during the year of the dragon are nearly always self-assured of their actions. They’re usually great leaders because they make decisions quickly and confidently. However, their zest to push forward can often make them seem arrogant.

         People with the Zodiac sign of a snake are often quiet. They think everything through (usually without consulting others for advice) before taking action. While many people think of them as wise, others see them as conniving. Snakes have a hard time getting people to trust them because they typically trust others very little.

         These people are usually popular with everyone (though rats tend to avoid them). They have very little trouble talking with others. Most of the other animals within the Zodiac cycle are drawn to the horse. But, some feel they’re rude and suffer a superiority complex.

         People born during the year of the sheep tend to walk their own path. It’s not because they ostracize themselves. Instead, they merely like to have their own space. They’re empathetic toward other people and can often seem overly-sensitive when receiving feedback.

         Those who are born during the year of the monkey can be unpredictable. They’re smart and sociable, but have a tendency to be unfaithful to those who have placed their trust in them. However, because these people are animated, others tend to enjoy their company.

         Roosters are perfectionists. To their credit, they typically do a great job at whatever they task they take upon themselves. But, these people can often seem as if they have an ego. Others sometimes avoid the rooster because he’s boastful and opinionated. That being said, if something needs to be done well, the rooster is typically dependable.

         They’re faithful to the people they love. But, dogs also have a tendency to argue. People born during the year of the dog are generous and intelligent. That’s the reason most others enjoy their friendship.

         People who have the pig as their Zodiac sign usually get along with nearly everyone. Oddly, the only people they tend to agitate are other pigs. While they’re honest and patient, they can also anger swiftly. That being said, of all the animals in the Zodiac, pigs are the most likely to sacrifice themselves for others.

    Knowing Your Chinese Zodiac Sign
         While the traits and dispositions of the people around you may not always be consistent with their Chinese Zodiac signs, you’ll be surprised by how accurate the Zodiac animals are. The key is to know your own sign. That way, you can consider the personality and character of other people in relation to what the Zodiac implies. It’s not flawless. But, millions of people use what the Zodiac signs tell them to interact with those to whom they’re exposed each day.

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