What is Numerology?

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What is Numerology?
        Numerology is a Science & means of numbers to show energy vibrations’ of the Nine Planets, which are nine numbers, (1 to 9), each numbers has Positive & Negative Vibrations,
        Birth – Death, Start – End, Day- Night, Love –Hate, Male- female, Happiness- Sadness, Good- Bad, Hoi spirit- Evil spirit. Etc Numerology can be used for Living being & Nonliving being, for materials, products, things, Animals, Human, Also calculating For Vehicles numbers, Phone numbers, House, site, Company names Etc.

      Solve Your Problems
     Finance, Education, Marriage, Children, Health, Love, Life field Vocation, Business, Friends, Relationships, Married life, Co-Workers, Bad Spirit Effects, Black magic Effects, Life path, Etc. Previous Birth Karma Analysis.
        Where does the Numerology come from?
        Numerology is said to come from the teaching and calculations of the Greek Philosopher (Pythagoras) who most people may remember for the Pythagorean Theorem. He was amazingly intelligent & brought great knowledge into the world.
         Numerology also has Life chart Calculations & formulas, which can be calculate & analyse by the only person India’s No1 Numerology Expert Dr. M. KARTHIK. PhD, Numerologist, he solves all kinds of problems through Numerological science,
Goddess Kali Spiritual remedy, & Malayalam Mandriga tantric remedies, Depending on problems, remedy , Charges,(fees) Will be done, with bill , money back guaranteed & Life time free consultations.

1, (Sun) the Leader, the Independent,
2, (Moon) the Follower, the Gentle,
3, (Jupiter) the Friendly, children, pets & Expression,
4, (Moon’s ascending node) the worker, the “Down to Earth”,
5, (Mercury) Freedom Lover, Attractive to the Opposite sex,
6, (Venus) Home & Health, the Lover of Beauty,
7, (Moons’ Descending node) The Loner The Deep Thinker,
8 , (Saturn) the Lover of Powers, the Lover of Money,
9, (Mars) the Humanitarian, the Teacher
         Basic Numerology Calculation can use for Date of Birth, Marriage Date, and Company Inaugurations Date etc.
         Example: - Date of Birth + 03 Month + 10 (Addition) Year +1960 1+9+7+3 =20 = 2+0= 2 Your Fate Number (No 2 means Planet Moon, The follower, the gentle, peace maker, shy) Numerology is also used in Name calculations for Human, Animals, Companies, Film & politics etc.
      E.g. Thomas= T h o m a s 2+8+6+4+1+1=22=2+2=4 (Thomas is No4 Moons’ Ascending node) No4 the worker down to the Earth, Practical, Slow, anger. Note- Date of birth total value & Name total value is same will not match.
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