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       Numerology is a the study of the law of vibration. So that man may gain a more complete knowledge of himself, discover and remove his failings, thus Modern a more nearly prefect expression and realization of his ideals, ancient scientists and philosophers perfected this method of interpretation of man’s psychic vibrations. The study of Numerology points the way to recording man’s vibrations and expressing them in numerical values.

        Vibration is life. Modern science says that "All life is vibration," and that without Vibration there can be no life. Everything around us from a grain of sand to a star, from a tiny fish to a whale, all forms of life, vibrate at a rate peculiar and characteristic to itself.
        These rates of vibration, their qualities and correlations, can easily be discovered and when expressed in numerical values as taught in Numerology, provide the interest compelling study of the Science of numbers. All vibrations are caused by the threefold divine spirit of Life, Intelligence and Love.
Science has discovered the vibrations of light, color, sound and electricity, and is now able to set down the rate of these vibrations in numbers.
       Numerology claims to deal with still another phase of the vibrations particular to the human soul. We know that every human being is quite unlike anybody else in the world. We all differ in form, in thought, speech and habits. Our acts, mannerisms, our temperaments, desires and Ideas differ greatly. Even twins are at all alike, except at first glance when a certain physical likeness is noticed.
Each of us has an “atmosphere” associated with our individual selves, and we are all vibration at a distinctive rate of our own and, or course, in accordance with our own physical, vital intuitional and mental constitution.

       It is the interesting task of Numerology to discover the quality and rate of these vibrations. Thus, through this age old science we are able to interpret the exact meaning of the numerical values of the individual vibrations and an accurate character analysis is obtained.
At this time Numerology treats with four distinctly different modes of these psychic vibrations.
           These are:
     Numerology has not as yet attained even a portion of the popularity it is destined to achieve, because too many people have attached to it an air of mystery.
     Actually there is absolutely nothing mysterious at all about Numerology. One has but to consider his daily life for a moment to realize that either consciously or unconsciously he is ruled by numbers.
     It is not true that the day is divided by the numbers on the clock; that the space of our lives is measured by the number of years, months, days and hours we live?
     Thus is will be quickly seen that Numerology has a greater mission than merely to interest the curious. If understood and applied wisely it can be of great practical assistance in lifting those who are not attuned to the ways of the world.
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