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I read an interview of one of our great present-day Astrologers/Philosophers ….it was either Robert Zoller or Robert Schmidt…. that was quoted as saying, “[In my 30 years of counseling with people about their Astrological chart and their choices] I’ve come to the conclusion that YES, there is a great amount of FREE WILL available to us, however, most people just aren’t interested in using it.”

As disappointing as this was to read, something about it rang true as I not only observe this tendency in others, but in myself as well.

Another great thinker of our time (can’t remember who) said, “If one was to really understand just how much influence the planets have on us and our lives, it would either drive them insane or cause them to NOT take themselves so seriously!”

After a close study of my own behavior and the correlation of my chart’s symbolic indications—over a period of four years—I have decided that EVERYTHING has a CHART.  The BEGINNING of anything or anyone creates a birth chart and the older a chart gets the STRONGER IT GETS.  By design a chart’s life is driven toward MANIFESTATION–which means given enough TIME it will come true, especially if we aren’t conscious of the influences.    

So, picture this………….

The WORLD has a birth chart, each country has a birth chart, each city has a birth chart, each human relationship has a birth chart, every individual has a birth chart, every car, building, event, concept, idea, etc….they all have a birth chart.  If one were to imagine ALL of these billions upon trillions upon trillions upon trillions of birth charts as individual complex GEARS—with some ’play’ or ’give’ to them—and all these gears being part of the same massive machine of life, one may get a small glimpse of how Free-will, Fate, and Karma must work together to run LIFE—as we experience it—as smoothly as possible.  

Even though each of us has some ‘degree’ of FREE WILL, at the same time, we are ALL subject to the influence of the WORLD’S birth chart, our nations’ birth chart, our families’ birth chart, our “relationship” charts, etc.  The reality is that EVERYTHING and EVERYONE is indeed connected in this web of life…….whether we like it or not.  Everything influences everything in some form or another.

Our own ego’s feelings of importance and separateness is an illusion and a delusion.  None of us, no thing, nor any thought lives independently and totally “free” neither in this world nor the “other world”.  The entire Universe—and all of its endless dimensions—are an infinite UNIT and we are enmeshed with it—mind, body and soul… forever.

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