What you NEED most is shown by your MOON Sign

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What you NEED most is shown by your MOON Sign

When our basic needs are not met we are more likely to become obsessive and compulsive in the expression of our Moon signs. We are also more likely to ‘use’ others.

“Honoring our Moon sign is important…..Our Moon sign, as well as our Moon’s placement by house and aspect, indicate the specific individual patterns of our internal child—extensions of such basic needs as emotional and physical contact, belonging, food and home.” ~Tracy Marks of ‘The Astrology of Self-Discovery’mystical_beach

Our Moon represents the nurturing we received from our parents when we were dependant on them as children. The Moon represents how we nurture ourselves as adults and the kind of nurturing we want from others. But that’s really OUR responsibility now, not our parents’ and not others’.

“One of the greatest obstacle we may encounter is the powerful, stubborn force of our anger and blame—the part of us which resists claiming our adulthood and instead clings to the attitude of ‘I won’t do it. You do it for me.’ The more we hold onto our anger at our parents for what they did not provided, the more we seek to get from them that which they may be incapable of giving, and the more we demand from others to make up for unmet needs of the past, the more likely we are to experience increased frustration, disappointment and deprivation. We are our parents now. However distorted and wounded our feelings and instincts may be, only we can make peace with them.” ~Tracy Marks of ‘The Astrology of Self-Discovery’

If we do not learn to meet those needs that were unmet in childhood, we are likely to try to get others to meet them for us. This is natural, but it is also, not the healthiest way to get our needs met as adults. Others are busy trying to get their OWN needs met too, remember.

The Moon correlates with what psychologists refer to as our INNER CHILD. It’s important to make contact with this part of your self and to build a healthy relationship between your child side and adult side. Your adult-self is literally now responsible for caring for your child-self. YOU are your own parent now and failing to parent that part of yourself properly can lead to all kinds of life problems.

When we neglect this part of our selves we are likely to unconsciously ‘use’ others to get our own needs met and put others down to feel better about ourselves. This not only plays out in our romantic relationships, it is very common for it to occur at work, misplacing that responsibility onto our bosses.



These awkward situations can be avoided with awareness of ones’ particular needs (Moon sign) and meeting those needs OURSELVES. One of the most effective ways to do this is with daily contact with ones’ inner child. Here are some suggestions that Tracy Marks makes in her book:

1. Messages or mantras such as “You are o.k. exactly the way you are” or “You don’t have to be perfect” or “It’s all right to be afraid.” Use the one(s) that your inner child needs to hear the most.

2. Write or speak to your inner child daily (as if talking to yourself when you were around 3-7 years old), establishing a real dialogue. Get to know him/her. Learn how to win his/her trust.

3. Obtain Joe Cocker’s song, “You are so Beautiful to Me,” and sing it aloud to your inner child, loudly, at least three times in a row. Do this daily, or several times a week and discover the love and radiance you possess and can experience and express when your inner child feels nurtured and valued.

Parent your inner child as you would your own biological child, with gentle, loving discipline. As a result you will feel better and safer; well-cared for and valuable.


Below are the needs of each Moon sign.  Check the DEGREE your Moon first.  If your Moon is at 27, 28, or 29 degrees of a sign, you need to read the NEXT sign, going COUNTER-CLOCKWISE around the wheel — or in order down the list (below).  Your Moon will have MORE characteristics of the next sign because of its’ closeness to the dividing line (the cusp).  If your Moon is at 27, 28, or 29 degrees of a sign, it is technically considered IN the next sign (always going counter-clockwise around the wheel).  In fact, this is an ASTROLOGY RULE that applies to all the planets in your chart.  To know the exact degree of any planet in your chart, you will need a copy of your natal chart and the correct TIME and location of your birth.  This can be obtained for FREE at www.Astro.com by signing up for free on their web site.

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