A Leo is most determined of all fire signs

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A Leo is most determined of all fire signsA Leo is most determined of all fire signs, he would adjust that to, Live and Love for today, Damn it.
Lions make great leaders, also drill sergeants. Commanding a stage type of thing. Leos are excellent teachers, making a game out of learning, yet taskmasters.
Most Leos love children, and always have a hint of the child in their very capable bodies. Think ex-prez Bill Clinton, Napoleon, Lucille Ball, ex-first lady Jacqueline Kennedy, Andy Warhol. Every one of them has presence and a uniqueness which draws.
A Leo must feel what they are doing is worthwhile. Otherwise the lion becomes, or appears, arrogant, trying to convince himself and others he has value.

Even if the Lion does not roar loudly, you feel the reverberation. If he is a writer, he writes exciting stuff. If a Leo becomes a cloistered nun, and many do, life is fun and fulfilling. She makes it that way, she embraces God, therefore embraces everyone and everything.
Love to a Leo is as natural as breathing. And it doesn’t have to sexual love, although a Leo isn’t shabby in that department either. It can man to child, man to God or man to a creative venue.
With such devoted intensity it brings me to another subject. Health. The sign of Leo rules the heart. The center. It burns bright and constant, too bright sometimes.
Many Leos carry weight in the top half, just like their Cancer neighbors. But unlike a Cancer they are stockier and shorter overall.  Risk has been shown to involve the weight around the heart. A Leo must take care of his heart both physically and emotionally.
Many are powerful even as children and make excellent bodyguards and wrestlers. Leo’s like reps rather than aerobics.
A Leo has a sense of stability, a sense of the protector about him. A Leo mom is a wonderful thing. She will fight for her cubs to the ends of the earth. Also cuff them when they need it. Then delightfully embellish the nighttime story with hand gestures and many voices.
To sum up…Leo is the most determined of the optimistic fire signs. Therefore the easiest to hurt. A Lion doesn’t like to be laughed at, oh no. He’s king or queen of the jungle. The top of the food chain, and doesn’t take to having a gun pointed at his head. Like all fixed signs. A Leo is organized. However, patience is not his strong suit, definitely not.  And did I mention creativity? Leos’ are tops. Many famous artists, writers, designers, belong to the Lion clan. Leo’s like to be famous.
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