Leo…The Wonderful Emotional Lion

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Leo…The Wonderful Emotional LionFirst an apology. Major elective surgery (successful. Yay!) kept me away from my blog during the transit of Leo. When Virgo rolled around our son-in-law suffered a massive heart attack, way too young (He’s on the transplant list but alive, thanks to Saturn covering his sun. He’s an early Libra.) On his birthday he received a device which allowed him to come home. Quite a gift! We’ve had our two young grandchildren off and on for the duration. Enough of school homework, been there, done that. I want to write!

Dignity is a Leo’s middle name. Poor Leo. Most Lions don’t handle shunning well, and I’ve hurt you. Leos detest being forgotten. But I didn’t really forget you, I thought about you lots.
Leo is the ego of the zodiac. The “I.” Ruled by the Sun, how lucky can you get? Leo is also a fixed emotional sign. Stuffed with charm, talent, sensitivity, stubbornness and creativity. In fact, Leo’s reek creativity and don’t like to keep it a secret.
Ruled by the Lion, hear their roar. A Lion huffs and puffs while trying to cover tender feelings. Some consider Leos arrogant. Don’t be fooled, they’re actually a pussycat in lion’s clothing. Remember lions purr when their ears are scratched.
When I think of a Leo, I think of the Wizard of Oz story. One character looks for courage, another brains, another heart, another home, then discover they had them all along. But each had to search for their quality. A Leo searches for answers by experiencing. If they can’t experience through activity they do it by osmosis, reading. It is a fire sign after all. Most Leos read copious amounts of books.
Fire and Air go together. Air signs (Gemini, Libra, Aquarius) make Fire signs (Aries, Leo, Sagittarius) burn brighter. Clap when a Leo child tries a task, stir the flames with praise. Don’t dampen their spirit with over criticism and restriction.
Water and Earth go together. But Water and Earth put out Fire. Water (Cancer, Scorpio, Pisces) helps Earth regenerate. Earth (Taurus, Virgo, Capricorn) prevents water’s evaporation, provides Water’s flow. An Earth parent can be way too serious for a Fire child, yet the Leo is the earthiest of  fire children, so don’t let them shirk, just praise them when they complete a job.
We don’t have a Leo Sun in our family, not even in extended family. Might our family tribe need a bit of  heart, warmth? Possibly we do, but we have a couple of Sags and an Aries or three to provide light and joy. (Virgo is our common family thread. More about family dynamics in another post.)
Our little granddaughter (a Scor) has Leo rising. She’s an actress at six. Boy is she an actress. And does she demand attention, yet gives and receives love in bushels, her Leo part. She tugs at my Libra heart. Air to Fire.
Live and love for  today is a Fire sign motto.
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