Virgo, Aquarius and Gemini are the only signs represented by humans

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Virgo, Aquarius and Gemini are the only signs represented by humans   And the two can be in the same person. Take a nurse, they are numerous in the sign. Doctors not so much, they need a bigger ego. A Virgo nurse or lab tech can be fastidious about not letting a germ pass their way in hospital or clinic, yet at home be the worst housekeepers of the zodiac. Virgos, like all flexible signs are paradoxical, just not quite so much as Gems, Sags, and Pis.
My mother (the quadruple Virgo) loved to cook. She would stand and make radish roses until the cows came home. Loved to feed people. Loved a garden.
I also love to cook (A Lib with Vir rising) but can’t handle the tedium of making  radish roses. I’m more concerned about palette and serving a pretty plate. I don’t care a fig about feeding people. Would rather give money and let someone else do the work. Well, that’s not really true in many cases, but you get my meaning.

Where my Virgo slip shows, is when a neighbor gave us a full grocery bag of fallen pears after a windstorm. She said I’d probably throw a lot of them away, but a few were keepers. I kept most by painstakingly cutting out the bruised spots. They tasted great and we had pears forever, but it took me forever.
Some famous Virgo’s are Gene Kelley (a perfectionist) Sophia Loren (beautiful and smart; not seeking celebrity but recognition as best in craft,) Grandma Moses (that try and try again thing.)
Virgo, Aquarius and Gemini are the only signs represented by humans. The others are animals, insects, sea creatures, or mythical beasts, except Libra. It stands alone as the only sign with inanimate symbol. I have no clue as to meaning of the above info.
Virgos look young way past when they should. And are usually trim, (unless they aren’t, and then they’re way overweight, not just plump.) Virgos have good bones like Capricorns. Very photogenic.
Virgos don’t much like adornment. They rely on good skin rather than makeup. Having a well-tailored dress is more important than enhancing  poor workmanship with embellishments like jewelry. A strong Virgo will be the understated person in the room. Little black dress sort of thing. Men the same. Dapper. A Virgo guy wouldn’t be caught dead with a peace symbol hanging around his neck. Now, he might wear a key because that’s practical.
If a Virgo has a bad day and for some unknown reason wears red and purple together, they clash. (This is hypothetical because they usually don’t have those colors in their closet.) A Leo will create a way to make the clash eye-catching. A Lib will combine the two colors into beautiful design. Virs favor earth colors, they don’t want to clash.
Virgos also aren’t very romantic. Prefer a nice steak, vegetarian dinner or a new microwave to chocolates, hothouse arrangements of flowers, or jewelry. Like natural flowers, however.
I have an affinity with Virgos. I like them, with all their nitpicking worrywart ways. Nerves can be a problem. Also obsessive-compulsive behavior. These tendencies usually bother other people more that the Vir themselves.
As our family doctor once said about my Virgo mother, “She’s put together with rubber bands.”
Mom was very beautiful, funny, creative, and giving, as well as nitpicky as hell. I miss her. She always closed up a place. My dad would claim he wished one time a pie would stay in the house instead of heading out the door for someone having a hard time.
My dad (a triple Taur) and Mom (a quad Vir ) had a loving, cerebral, sensual, and service oriented marriage going until their death, although they argued like crazy over little things. He didn’t give in to her, which annoyed her.
Next time it’s all about me. Libra!
(I might add some other Libs in there, too.)
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