Virgo…Do It Again, Please

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Virgo…Do It Again, PleaseThere’s an old joke about which woman of the zodiac does a guy want to have sex with?
A Virgo, of course! They do it over and over again until they get it right.
That doesn’t sound much like a good ol’ virgin Virgo, does it? Well don’t be fooled, Virgos, although virtuous in ways of practicality and conscientiousness, make great serial killers and nymphomaniacs for the reason given above.
I’m not being hard on Virgo’s, just having some fun with them. Virgo is the astrological thread running through our immediate family, so the fun I’m having is at my own expense. Fortunately we harbor neither killers nor nymphos. . . that I know of.

My daughter, my late father, and I have Virgo rising. Hubby has a Virgo moon. (He’s great with chores. That over and over thing again) Our son has Venus and Mars there. (When single, mostly frat parties, he maintained he at least needed to know the girl’s name first.)
My mother was a quadruple Virgo. That’s right. Don’t you feel sorry for me? Talk about picky. My hair was never right, my skirt too long or too short. But on the big stuff she was wonderful.  (Or maybe feel sorry for mom with two lackadaisical Lib children.) However, Libra and Virgo are the most alike of any two adjoining signs.  Both have that cerebral thing going.
Families most often have one sign running through close blood kin, similar to shared DNA, yet can all have different sun signs.
Occasionally a family member comes along who isn’t born with the common thread, but maybe the next door family has his thread. Make sense? So, If you feel utterly and soundly different, maybe even get in trouble, don’t give up hope. Pack up and move next door.
There are other threads holding a family together such as Saturn in hard angle to the sun, etc. which will appear in a later post. These threads also have to do with successful long term marriages. Not so much, chemistry. That takes opposite energy to ignite.
Back to Virgos. The symbol of Virgo is the Virgin holding a shaft of wheat. This is good. Virgo is an earth sign (along with Taurus and Capricorn) but most flexible of the earth signs. Wheat shafts wafting in the wind sort of thing.
Taurus is the most fixed of the earth signs. Capricorn, the most authoritative. Virgo, the most flexible and spiritual. The earth mother type. Other flexible signs are Gemini, Sagittarius, and Pisces. Virgo doesn’t have the duality of a Gem-twins, Sag-half man/half horse, Pi-double fishes, therefore it’s earthiness.
Virgo is detail-oriented and dedicated. Technical. A lot of hospital personnel and health workers are Virgos, or have a strong dose of Virgo planets. Virgo’s make great editors, copywriters, teachers, and secretaries, office workers in general. They like being a member of a team and rarely color outside the lines.
Dull? Definitely not. They just like working behind the scenes rather than make a fool of themselves in front. Every celebrity or creative person has  a Virgo somewhere to keep him in the forefront. A Virgo is conscientious and very valuable. A Vir is the worker of the zodiac. They take pride in having value. Thus the Virgin.
A Virgo child is easy to raise. Practical, loving, analytical, dexterous, and smart, with a natural tendency to want to be good.
Mercury is Virgo’s ruler. However, Vulcan, the blacksmith god of volcanoes in Roman mythology, and a hypothetical planet between Mercury and the Sun, is thought to be the real strength. When Vulcan’s discovered it will take rulership of Virgo.
Mercury is also the primary ruler of Gemini, but Virgo’s have an analytical and practical approach to detail and literary endeavor that Gemini’s in their airy way don’t. Virgos like to give service, Gems don’t. Gems have other strengths. Gem’s think on their feet, Virgos don’t. So each has Mercury traits but very different in energy. Virgo’s are more the blacksmith pounding the hot iron.
Like all flexible signs Virgos can be extremely different. Do you happen to know a person  whose hair is always in place? Looks like they just stepped out of shower after digging ditches? Get wrapped up in making sure all silverware is aligned one inch from the table edge? That’s a Virgo.
Do you know a hoarder? Someone whose hair strangles and has dirty clothes piled in corners? That’s also a Virgo.
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