Libra Eisenhower, Carter, and Clinton.

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livraThink Eisenhower, Carter, and Clinton. They all have a dose of Venus charm while staying very male indeed. Bad boys, in a way. Well, Maybe not Carter. My eight lunch cronies and I (we range in politics from ultra conservative to ultra liberal, most being moderate) find Bill Clinton sexy, whether or not we agree with his actions. Of course, we all like George Clooney, too. Oh, that’s right. He’s a Taur and ruled by Venus also.
A warning to all women who fall in love with a guy with a Libra Moon, he will have a wandering eye. That doesn’t mean he’ll stray, but he’ll have more chances than most to do so. Same holds true for a woman with an Aries moon (ruled by Mars)

Libra children do not lack confidence, particularly in school, but neither do they tout it. Our son is a Libra, musical, artistic, creative. A writer and National Merit Scholar (brag, brag.) He started dating early. much to our dismay, yet handled it well. He was the easiest of the four to raise until he graduated highschool. Once he came into his own, whoof. He went rogue. Now he’s edged back toward the middle; found his balance.
I could always tell when he was lying because he stuttered. He always thought he lied adroitly. (At age three he tried to blame the dog for a spilled gallon of paint even though his painty footprints were visible running away from the can. In his defense, the dog’s were also there.)
I only bring this up because a Lib can lie, and lie well. You believe them, particularly when they grow up. Their lies are usually the white kind, to make the other guy feel better, but not all.
When presented with a woman in an horrendous dress asking, “How do I look?” an Aries would answer, “Burn it.” A Gem, “Change your clothes.” A Leo, “Wear it and you go alone.” Only a Lib would say, “You look fine like you are, but you might want to think about the pink one.”
An extremist fault in some strong Libras (many planets in the sign) both male and female. Control freaks. Cold and calculating and mean. I’ve run across more than one. They act congenial and often have charm until thwarted. This type of Libra makes for a scary and dangerous spouse, unless you don’t mind having every bit of your life decided and never offer an opinion. But they are the oddity, thank goodness.
Libs are wonderful at planning dinner parties. They make gracious hosts, and are event chairmen and wedding planners personified. Ask one to take over and you can count on a good job.
This one has been hard for me. As a Lib, I’m too close to the scene to be my usual unbiased self. I’ve tried to assess all the Libs I’ve known plus what’s written. If I’ve not been fair, I apologize. Or, if I’ve too lenient on the sign, I apologize to the rest of you.
But oh, well, I’m done. I’ve traveled the Zodiac this past year, visited all twelve signs. My first post being Halloween 2015.
After I’ve reworked my site some, I’ll write about the themes I’ve only hinted at. The differences between chemistry, sex, love, commitment, and documented partnership according to where they’re placed in the zodiac wheel.  I’ll also talk about family dynamics, marriage, business, and how to find things.
Astrologers don’t usually set out to study astrology, they come to it from other disciplines; medicine, psychology, counseling, gardening, law, teaching, even prison. I started out as a teacher and guidance counselor.
Happy Holidays, everyone!
In astrology there are no good signs or bad signs, good planets or bad stars. When a planet on its designated trip around the sun aligns with one’s personal horoscope, or with another astral body, balance teeters, smooths, sometimes careens wildly. Each of us expresses this combustion of astral energies in a balanced or imbalanced way – thus the physical, emotional, and mental highs and lows in life. Reaching for the stars to aid one’s upward climb through life is not a metaphysical or mystical journey, but a realizable one.
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