Female Libra horoscope

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Female Libra horoscopeLibras hate shrill noises and will often prejudge a person, even an animal, on voice alone, which isn’t always fair. Libs like soothing sounds and they’re tough to come by in our unbalanced beep-filled world.
Do you know why so few Libs break the law? Not because they’re good, they just don’t like the clank of jail doors closing or the racket in a prison cell. Sound is important to a Lib.
Libs like Taurs, both ruled by Venus, have full-throated speaking voices. They also have a good sense of color, style, and design. Venus people are natural decorators and like items of quality, both antique and ultra modern. A Lib is eclectic. I guess eclectic could be a grandiose name for sitting on the fence.
Libs are great at teamwork and partnership. They work well in twos, but with larger groups end up the leader. Dissension is not their thing.

Kidneys and lower back are medical weak spots if stressed.
Libs can be sneaky, lazy, indecisive, boring, vane, fickle, extravagant, and argumentative. (Of course I’m none of those. . . except at certain times of every day.)
Libras are known as the iron fist in a velvet glove. They may weigh all options before acting but most are born leaders. A Libra wants harmony and peace and will fight for it.
The words a Lib chooses are pleasant but you better snap to when you hear them. My fifth grade classes caught on fast when I was mad. My voice lowered and I became very erudite, unlike the common reaction. (That was before I raised four kids and learned to yell.) (Actually that isn’t true. When I say no in a certain way even the grandchildren and the cat rush to obey.) Libras are authoritative but don’t show it. The iron fist in the velvet glove bit.
Female Libra leaders: Golda Meir, Eleanor Roosevelt (she, however, counteracts the regular features part,) Margaret Thatcher, and one other whose name escapes me.
The majority of our 20th century presidents have been born in air signs. Of those in the other three elements (fire, earth, water) many claim an air sign rising.
Mental detachment is needed to visualize the big picture. President Eisenhower was the quintessential Libra male. Tall, lean, charming, debonair, sports lover, and leader. A strategist supreme, yet kept in mind the needs of the people.
Since President Eisenhower we’ve had Gemini Presidents Kennedy and elder Bush, Aquar President Reagan, and Lib President Carter. President Clinton has Libra rising, and President Obama has Aquarius rising and a Gem moon. I’m not familiar with the charts of Johnson, Ford, Nixon, and G.W. Bush, but they’re not air sun signs.
Now let’s look at this social aspect one always associates with Libra. Libs aren’t really social, but sociable and friendly. They treat everyone well, yet for the most part dislike parties and big gatherings unless they’re running them. You won’t find a Lib dancing on the table or swallowing a goldfish at a frat party.
You will find a lot of debaters, lawyers, judges, and hard news corespondents. A Lib likes creature comforts and doesn’t want to spend much time in the trenches unless he can redecorate. You won’t find many wrestlers in the Lib arena, either. Or coaches. Libs don’t particularly like to get down and dirty.
One exception – sex. A Lib is ruled by Venus after all. Male Libs are chick magnets, they have that sexy balance of male and female that’s addicting to many women who like the black tie type that reads, whether dock worker or financier.
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