Libra…Social or Sociable?

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Libra…Social or Sociable?Okay, it’s Black Friday. I’m a Libra. I’m not about to go out among em just to get my feet stepped on even if I do drool over a good deal on a Kindle or Persian rug. On the other hand, our two Sag girls were out at dawn, intending to buy nothing.
They have no money. It slips through their fingers. I have stickier fingers, albeit almost clean ones. I like to be surrounded by financial security, items of value, and beautiful things. This is a Libra. This is a Venus ruled person.

All Air signs detach from people in some way, especially Libs. A Lib hides in his mind, often during a movie or party. Aquars are more detached emotionally but like to rub elbows with the masses. A Lib stays away from a fracas, and if he can’t stay away, tries to solve it by leading the crowd to peaceful demonstration or organization. Gems most likely talk your ear off yet give away nothing about themselves. Gems are the vagabonds of the air signs. Aquars are the workers. Libs are the team leaders.
As I mentioned in an earlier post, Libra is the only sign symbolized by an inanimate object, the Scales of Justice. For Libra women that might as well read the Scale of Pounds. Libra women are rounded even when thin – think Brigitte Bardot.
Libs present a bland pleasant face to the world. Many rate as classic beauties with regular features, both male and female. And all have a dimple somewhere on their body. Cellulite doesn’t count.
The Scales of Justice are meant to Balance. This is Libras keyword. Libs don’t feel balanced. To them the search for balance is everything. That’s what makes a Lib so interesting to converse with.
Behind those pleasant expressions Lib wheels are a-turning, sometimes rolling smoothly, mostly grinding out which way to turn. A Lib is mentally and physically active, but will teeter less than many other signs.
Libs are the chameleons of the zodiac. Depends on what else is in their chart. They can also take on other people’s persona as the occasion demands. That’s the secret to a lib’s social success. There, our secret is out. We can mirror you and make you believe you’re wonderful.
Libras have a great sense of humor, but not of the slapstick kind. They prefer sarcasm, innuendo, and surprisingly bathroom or barnyard type jokes. A Lib does not appreciate the practical joker. Life is much too serious for tomfoolery.
People assume Libras can’t make up their minds. That’s not true. They just think until they see clearly. Once a decision is made, they stand by their choice.
The ponderous weighing of both sides of a situation drives other people nuts. A Lib might not be able to decide between peas and carrots but when it comes to big decisions they are quite decisive.
Libs make wonderful debaters. They approach a subject from the other guy’s point of view, then twist the verbal knife. I know this. I have a Libra older brother. I’m seven years his junior and every time I made his life miserable, which was often, (I do have a lot of Scorpio) he would argue both sides of the uprising with equal vigor until I didn’t know which side I was on.
Now, I hold my own, but just once I wish I didn’t see the other guy’s point of view. I envy people who believe they’re right from the beginning and follow through, right or wrong, while I’m still assessing.
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