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Question: Where is my check? Will I get it back?
Background Information: I’ve lost a large check. I have no idea where I put it, or even if I deposited it. I know I opened it with other mail, but was distracted packing for a business trip and knew I didn’t need the money for the trip.
Horary Answer: Look in a partner’s room. It’s in plain sight. Concentrate on the Western part of the room or house. It will be higher than lower. Look above your waist, like on a counter or dresser, near crayon colors, predominately red. You should find it quickly.
Feedback: The caller remembered she needed to put a load of clothes in the dryer and decided to do it before looking for the check. She passed through her son’s special area of the house, the toy room. (She has no adult partner, just her son who travels with her and is home-schooled.)Remembering my words she spotted the red and blue paisley printed couch. There it was, sitting on the top of the couch in plain sight, but not in an area she would have looked without the Horary clues.

Question: Should I go back to full time commission work?
Background Information: My husband lost his job and we need the money, but it would take time to build my client list. I’m already making some money staying home and babysitting. I have two sons, one in kindergarten, the other in pre-school.
Horary Answer: “No” You shouldn’t go back to full time work. It would be too costly.
Temporary Feedback: The answer surprised the caller. Her heart had said “don’t go back,” but the flat bank account said otherwise. The answer made sense several days later. Her husband decided to take advantage of the free schooling offered by HR to land a better job. After figuring in the cost of mileage, taxes, owner commissions, no ready-made clientele, no benefits, and paying day-care, they would lose money in the first crucial year. Much better her husband go back to school and she take over the time-consuming scout for affordable medical coverage, pre-school aid, and getting help with living expenses for the family. Only time will tell whether this solution was the right one. He remains unemployed but in school. She found free medical care for their children, and help with food and preschool. Their house at present is not in jeopardy, and she’s happy with the decision.

Question: Will my non-fiction book be published within the year?
Horary Answer: No, it will not be published within the year, but will be bought within the year to be published the following year.
Feedback: It was.

Question: Where are my keys?
Partially Incorrect Answer: Look near plumbing or cisterns. Not close by. Near the colors turquoise and yellow. In a Southwest direction. They are out of sight. You will find them quickly.
Feedback: This is a case of one segment giving the clue needed to find his keys although the rest of the data was basically inaccurate. The keys were not far away, not in a southwest direction, and not directly near plumbing. But they were inside a turquoise chair on the other side of a plumbed bathroom wall with the Yellow Pages Book sitting in the chair. He moved the chair where he’d made the call and heard them clink. He turned the lounger over and the keys dropped out. If he’d not expected they were totally hidden, and hadn’t had the colors as a guide, no telling how long the keys would have eluded him. He’d checked the seat and around the chair before he called for the Horary.

Question: Should we purchase 1, 2, 3, or 4 house?
Background Information: My wife and I are confused, we like all four of the houses for different reasons, We’ve been in an apartment too long and feel it’s a prime time to purchase while prices and rates are low. We’re pre-qualified, have a conventional down payment, and good credit ratings.
Horary Answer: The answer was clear cut—None of them. Stay in the apartment. Finances will be a problem.
Feedback: Unable to accept the answer—and why would they?—they went ahead and purchased a house. Several weeks after moving in, his wife, the major wage earner in the family, lost her job, and found out she was pregnant with their first child. (He’s a freelance writer and his income unsteady.) They’re still in the house, but for how long, they aren’t sure.
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