The Horary: How To Ask a Question

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    Horary answers are viable for three to six months. After that, life usually alters circumstances.
    You can re-ask a question within the time frame if circumstances change.
    You can ask new questions at any time.
    Horary Astrology doesn’t always work. Errors occur when you haven’t clarified the question in your own mind and heart, or it’s presented unclearly to the astrologer.
    The Horary can indicate it’s too soon to tell. This usually means your timing is off. You haven’t thought through the situation, or your info is incorrect.
    Sometimes it indicates all the facts you need for a decision aren’t available yet. This in itself is an answer to ask again later.
    The Horary can indicate the matter has already been decided. You’ve either already made the decision in your mind or heart, or what you seek has already transpired. This is also valuable information.

No Health or Death Questions Please
Accuracy Depends on Clarity of Question
The Astrology Sleuth Accepts No Responsibility for Answer Validity or Outcome

Example Questions

Correct Form for Lost Item Questions:  Where is my cat? Is she alive, and if so, will she return? You can form this same lost item question other ways: Is my cat hiding in the basement, in the garage, or upstairs? Is my cat at Tommy’s Gas Station? Does someone else have her and want to keep her? Will my cat return home?

The Horary will not name a location unless you specifically ask about the location, but it will point out a general direction, indicate the cat’s distance away, and suggest whether high or low, indoors or outdoors, next to foundations or trees, etc., and give the surrounding colors. The Horary also indicates whether the item is hidden, in plain sight, retrievable or inretrievable, and sometimes a time span for retrieval.

With any lost item, jogging the questioner’s memory is the Astrology Sleuth’s goal. Clues help pin down when, where, and under what circumstances the item was last seen, therefore increasing the likelihood of finding it.  

Incorrect Form for Lost Item Questions: When will I get my cat back?

Can’t be answered by “Yes or No.”

Correct Form for Advice Questions: Should I buy the car? Should I buy the Honda or the Ford? Should I buy a car right now? All correct depending on what you want to know. The more specific the question and the background info, the clearer the answer.

Incorrect Form for Advice Questions: What kind of car should I buy? When should I buy a car?

Can’t be answered by “Yes or No.”
Another Correct Advice Question: Will Joe ask me to marry him Saturday night? Or better yet, If Joe asks me to marry him, will I be happy? Is Joe the right man for me to marry?
The more specific the better.

Incorrect Form of Advice Question: Will I ever get married?

Too open-ended. Circumstances change which change outcome.
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