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The effect is much easier to perform than explain. Let's go through the effect again, using our imaginary spectator who was bom on the 13th of the month. Put down all five squares in front of you, with the 'one' square nearest to you and the 'sixteen' one furthest away. Pretend that you were bom on the thirteenth. Look at the first square and see if the number thirteen appears on it. It does, so that square is left untouched. You now look for the number thirteen in the 'two' square. Yes, it is there, so again the square is left untouched. Now look at the 'four' square. There is no number thirteen, so this square is turned face¬down. What about the 'eight' square'? Yes, a thirteen shows, so this square is left untouched. Finally, the ’sixteen’ square. There is no thirteen in this square, so it is turned face-down.
The situation is: the two squares nearest you (the 'one' and 'two' squares) are face-up. The next square ('four') is face-down, the 'eight' square is face-up, and the 'sixteen' square is face-down.
Now you must cease being the spectator and become the mage. Either test your pendulum or wave your hands mysteriously over the first square (the 'one' square). Note how many face-up squares there are above this square. There are two - the 'two' square and the 'eight' square. This is an even number, so you do not turn over the first square.

Next you hold the pendulum over the 'two' square and note how many face-up squares are above it. One - the 'eight' square. This is an odd number, which means you have to turn over the square you are pendulizing (the 'two' square).
Now hold the pendulum over the next square, which happens to be face-down. Again you look at the squares above it and notice one square face-up. As this is an odd number, you turn over the face-down square you are pendulizing. (This is the 'four' square.)
The next square is the 'eight' one. As you test it with the pendulum, you notice that there are no face-up squares above it, so you do nothing.
Finally, you hold the pendulum over the final ('sixteen') square, which is face-down. There are no cards at all above this one, so you do nothing.

 The situation now is: three squares are face-up and two are face-down. The face-up squares are 'one', 'four' and 'eight'. This tells you that the spectator was born on the thirteenth (as 1+4+8=13). Naturally, you embellish the effect by giving a brief reading before divulging the day of birth.
Try it with your own day of birth. It really is magic! You will be amazed at the impact this simple effect has. Many times I have had to repeat it for everyone at a table. It is one effect that becomes more astonishing each time it is performed, as everyone at the table adds up the circled numbers as soon as you have completed turning them over. This simple effect is so powerful that I now have four follow up effects also using magic squares that I use when the occasion is right.
I hope the ideas in this book inspire you to add some astrology to your work. You will be amazed at the interest of your spectators. Astrology fascinates millions! When Linda Goodman wrote Love Signs, the sequel to her famous Sun Signs, she received the biggest advance in publishing history up to that time. Astrology is enormous business!
Just a little thought you'll come up with astrological slants to effects you already perform. Imagine how easy it would be to turn the clock trick into an astrological miracle. Instead of the twelve hours, you use the twelve signs of the zodiac. It’s easy - and highly commercial!
I'm making money out of astrology. I know that you can, too!


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