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METHOD This charming routine works itself. The squares are laid out in a line leading away from the spectator. The square nearest her contains the circled number 'one'. The next square contains the circled number 'two'. The next 'four', followed by 'eight' and 'sixteen'. Once the spectator has turned over the squares that do not contain her day jof birth, the magician looks first at the bottom square (the one nearest the spectator). Ignoring this first square, he looks at the other squares and4 notes if an odd or even number of them are face-up. If the number is odd, the first square is turned over. If the number is even, he leaves the square whichever way up it happens to be. It is not turned over.

The magician next looks at the second square and notes if there are an odd or even number of squares face-up above it. Again, this square is turned over if there is an odd number face-up, and left alone if an even number are face-up. This is repeated with all of the squares. In practice, I usually use a pendulum and make it swing in a circular manner if the square is to be turned over, and to and fro if it is to be left as it is. Audiences find pendulums fascinating and this extra bit of window-dressing helps make the effect.
By the time you have turned over the squares that need turning over you will have automatically created the correct face-up squares to total the day of birth of your spectator.
Rather than simply say, "This is your day of birth", I give a little reading based on the numerological values of the circled numbers. Numerologically, one means independence, attainment and new beginnings. Two means close relationship, intuition and tactfulness. Four stands for organisation and hard work. Eight means money, finance and large-scale ventures. Sixteen reduces to a seven numerologically (as 1+6=7). Seven stands for spirituality, and knowledge and wisdom.
After performing this effect I often draw up a magic square for the person that adds up to her age.
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