Zodiac Sign Virgo

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"Look at the first magic square, and see if it has the day you were bom on as one of the numbers. If it does, leave it as it is. If the day you were bom on is not there, turn it face down. Good. Now check the other squares and do the same with them.
"All done? Excellent. Your task is over, but mine is just beginning. I now have to put these squares into balance with you and create a cycle of harmony. You have partially done that with your day of birth, but as you realise, that is only part of the whole picture. I’ll turn that one over, I think. That one as well. Maybe this one, too. No, maybe not.

"I think we are all done now. The squares feel happy to me. Hold you hand over them and see if they feel happy to you. It's a mystical feeling, almost a sense of warmth. Do you feel the vibrations? You do! You're as strange as I am!
"Now, looking at that first square, do you notice one of the numbers is circled? That's right, the number one. One is the number of independence. It shows that you are about to start something important, something that will change your life for the better. It is something you start yourself. You may already know what it is. If not, it would pay to start looking, as opportunities are there.
"Look at the next one. The number four is circled. That means you will get what you are after, but you will need to be patient and work hard. It is a sign of success.
"The last square shows an eight. In numerology, that is the number of money. So, whatever it is you are going to start will take time and hard work, but will ultimately pay off in financial terms.
"From all of this, I sense that you must have been bom on the 13th of the month. Is that correct? It is? Fantastic! Numerology is wonderful. You see, if you add up all the circled numbers, 1, 4 and 8, you end up with 13 - your day of birth!"
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