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I love performing this close-up effect. I have been fascinated with magic squares for years, and this effect gives me an opportunity to talk about them, and, if the spectators show interest, to do a few magic squares for them. I originally marketed Cycle of the Squares, but decided to include it here as the effect provides the day of the month the spectator was bom on, so can claim a tenuous association with astrology. In fact, this effect coupled with the Waters/Grismer effect of determining a spectator's sign enables you to determine the person's day and month of birth.

EFFECT The mage displays five pieces of paper, each with a magic square drawn on it. A spectator is asked to think of the day of the month she was bom on, and to then study each square in turn. If the day she was bom on does not appear on a square she is to turn it face down. If it does appear, she leaves the square as it is. Once this is done, the mage studies the squares and turns some of them over. He gives a brief reading based on the squares that are left face-up, and then shows that the total of circled numbers on the face-up squares adds up to the day the spectator was bom on.
ROUTINE "I've been fascinated with magic squares for years. Are you familiar with them? I have a number of them here. If you look at them you will find that each line adds up to the same total. It makes no difference if you add them up horizontally, vertically or diagonally. Try adding up the four comers, and you’ll see they also add up to the same total. There are more than forty ways you can add up these squares and they always come to the same answer! Pretty amazing, isn't it?"
"Now I'll put these squares in front of you. Don't say it out loud, but just think of the day of the month you were bom on. For instance, if you were bom on July 12th, just think of the number twelve. Okay? You have that number in mind? Good.
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