Zodiac Sign Cancer

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The method is simple. The effect is almost self-working, but the second packet of cards must be prepared.
Make up two identical packs of Zodiac cards. The easiest way is simply to write the signs of the Zodiac on blank business-size cards. Put a rubber band around one packet. It's the packet you initially form into a circle before the spectator.

Mix the second packet, so the signs follow no set pattern. Then, carefully follow these instructions.
Leave the backs of the first two cards blank, but on the back of the third card write the sign on the front of the second. On the back of the fourth card, write the sign that's on the front of the third card. Continue, until on the back of the twelfth card, you write the sign that appears on the front of the eleventh.
Now add a thirteenth card to the packet. On the front of this card write the sign appearing on the front of the first card. On its back, write the sign that's on the front of the twelfth card.
Keep the packet in order with a rubber band. To perform, simply deal cards down one at a time next to their match, until you arrive at' the duplicate of the missing sign.
Put that card in the gap, calling attention to it. At the same time, secretly turn the packet of cards in your hand over. Continue to deal.
The final card will be the second duplicate of the selected sign. Automatically.
Astrological quotes
What chariots, what horses Against us shall bide,
While the stars in their courses So fight on our side.
The Astrologer's Song - Rudyard Kipling
Heaven sends down its good or evil symbols, and wise men act accordingly.
A wise man contributes to the heavenly happenings as much as the farmer, who, by planting or cleansing the earth, contributes to the bounty of nature.
The 100 Stanzas of Claudius Ptolemy
All the world's a stage
And all the men and women merely players:
They all have their exits and their entrances;
And one man in his time plays many parts.. .
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