Zodiac Sign Gemini

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New Zealand mentalist Richard Webster devised this dynamite close-up presentation to capitalize on the widespread interest in astrology.
The effect is easily made up, using a handful of business-size cards and a felt-tipped marking pen. It's quickly mastered, so emphasis can be placed on presentation.
"In parapsychology laboratories," you begin, "there is a hotly-debated argument over astrology. Does it work because of planetary influences? Or does it work because of the interpretive and intuitive skills of the astrologer?"

From your pocket, you remove two packets of business-size cards. The cards in each packet are held together by a rubber band. You place one packet aside for a moment, and remove the rubber band from the other packet.
"There are twelve cards here," you explain. "On each one, I have written a different sign of the Zodiac."
You carefully lay the twelve cards out in a clock-like circle in front of one of the spectators. The writing is uppermost, and the spectator can read each of the signs. The signs are in no particular order.
Next, you pick up the second packet of cards, and remove the rubber band from it as you step away from the table.
"This packet, too, contains twelve cards. And, like the other packet, I've written a different sign on each card. To that degree, the packets match. But I've added a thirteenth card to the bottom of the packet. After considerable thought, I selected and wrote the name of one sign » on that card. I'll show it to you in a minute."
Reminding the spectator you are committed, you instruct the spectator to dredge from his past some person or event, with which he can
associate a particular sign of the Zodiac. The spectator does so and then, at your instruction, removes the sign from the clock-like circle, leaving a gap.
"No one could possibly know in advance what sign you were going to select to remove from the circle," you point out, as you deliberately deal one card at a time from your packet to the table.
You deal the cards writing side up, placing them next to their matching signs in the circle. When you reach your duplicate of the sign picked up and removed by the spectator, you place it in the vacant spot. The final, or thirteenth, card in your packet turns out to be the match for the spectator's sign. The two circles, one inside the other, are complete.
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