The Element Earth

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The Element EarthAn attunement to this element indicates that the individual is in touch with the physical senses and the here-and-now reality of the material world. The earth signs tend to rely more upon their senses and practical reason than upon the inspirations, theoreti¬cal considerations, or intuitions of the other signs. They are at¬tuned to the world of "forms" which the senses and practical mind regard as real, and their innate understanding of how the mate¬rial world functions gives the earth signs more patience and self-discipline than other signs. They rarely have to be told how to fit into the world of making a living, supplying basic needs, and persisting till a goal is reached. All these qualities come naturally to those of the earth element.

Although the earth element is one of the passive or "receptive" elements, this element, like water, has strength of endurance and persistence that enables the earth signs always to look out for themselves. Although not particularly assertive, they will speak out when their "thing" is endangered or their security is threatened. And, due to their efficiency, they are apt not only to speak out but also to act in rather matter-of-fact ways to ensure that what they have worked for is not taken from them. The earth element tends to be cautious, premeditative, rather conventional, and unusually dependable. They are generally suspicious or dubious about more lively, agile-minded people, and they react to the air signs with some degree of reserve, although they may be somewhat fascinated by them. Nevertheless, they feel that the air signs are up in the clouds, playing childishly with impractical and unworkable schemes. They feel that the fire signs will parch the earth, storming through life much too quickly and forcefully to be trusted. The water signs, on the other hand, share their qualities of acquisitiveness, retentiveness, and self-protectiveness. The earth therefore feels that the water will refresh it and enable it to bring forth even more productivity.
The very attunement that supplies the earth signs with their power and special abilities can also be the source of their greatest faults. The involvement with the practical world can often limit their imagination if they rely too much on things as they are or as they appear to be. This can lead to a narrowness of outlook, an addiction to routine and order, and a total lack of ability to deal with the abstract and theoretical realms of activity. More than anything else, the earth signs need to open themselves to the reality of the unseen world and to commit themselves to specific ideals as guidelines for their activity.

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