The Element Air

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The Element AirThe element air is the life-energy which has been associated with breath or what the yogis term "prana." The air realm is the world of archetypal ideas behind the veil of the physical world, the cosmic energy actualized into specific patterns of thought. It is associated with geometric lines of force functioning through the mind, the energy which shapes the patterns of things to come. Whereas the fire signs are concerned with willing something into being, the air signs focus their energy on specific ideas which have not yet materialized, and — by concentrating on these ideas — ensure that they eventually will materialize. Hence, although the air signs are often accused of being impractical dreamers, they are playing a part in the actualization of creation on the broadest social level, for their ideas can eventually touch the lives of millions of people.

Marc E. Jones writes that the air signs deal with "experience in its concern over theoretical relations." The emphasis on theory and on concepts in the life of air sign people leads to their finding the most compatible mode of expression in art, words, and abstract thought. The air signs have the ability to detach them¬selves from the immediate experience of daily life, thus enabling them to gain objectivity, perspective, and a rational approach in everything they do. This detachment also enables them to work effectively with all sorts of people, for they don't feel the need to get heavily involved with the other person's worries or emotions. The air signs are in fact the most social of all signs in the sense that they can objectively appreciate the other person's thoughts regardless of whether they agree with them.
Naturally, if the air signs become too occupied with their abstract ideas and theories, they can become mentally im-balanced and given to all sorts of eccentricity and fanaticism. They often lack deep emotion and an acceptance of the limitations of the physical body. They can over-value intellectual competence and refuse to face the fact that ideas must be tested to see if they work before they can be given great value. Thought is such a dominating force in the lives of air signs that they are most easily threatened if their opinions are ignored or the quality of their intellect disparaged. And, of course, the water and earth signs are the most likely to devalue the air signs' ideas, for those ideas don't usually meet the test of emotional depth or practicality that water and earth insist upon. For their part, the air signs don't want to be confined by the limitations of the earth, nor do they wish to have their light freedom saturated by the feelings and reservations of the water signs. Fire signs, on the other hand, stimulate the air signs toward more freedom of expresson and give the air signs a sense of confidence and strength that they can find with no one else. Although the air signs admire the fire signs in many ways, they will still insist upon their right to think things over before committing themselves, a habit that can be¬come increasingly annoying to the fire signs.
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