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piscesBecause the Sun is weak in Pisces, thus allowing Pisces Sun individuals to be strongly influenced by all of the other factors in their charts, there seem to be more types of Pisces Sun individuals than Pisces Rising people. Those with Pisces ASC are almost uniformly sensitive, com­passionate, emotional, imaginative, and helpful. There seems to be a strength of character in the Pisces ASC that is sometimes lacking in the Pisces Sun, who is so often passive, evasive, escapist, and irresponsible.
Probably it is the ancient ruler of Pisces, Jupiter, that accounts for the strength of character and buoyancy that is especially evident in so many Pisces ASC people; sometimes that is far more apparent than the influence of the modern ruler Neptune. In fact, one should always look to the Jupiter sign and house of Pisces ASC people for key insights to their nature. Besides being able to empathize with and help those who are having difficulties, Pisces Rising peo­ple are also often philosophical and surprisingly unperturbed when they themselves experience misfortune. Like Virgo ASC (its opposite sign), Pisces ASC people don't feel the need for credit or public acknowledgement for all they contribute to others.
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