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aquarius horoscopeAn unconventional, rebellious streak pervades the personalities of both Aquarius ASC and Aquarius Sun people, but these traits go much deeper in those with Aquarius Sun. They are usually lifelong afficionados of the new, the imaginative, and the revolutionary, even if they don't express it overtly very often. Those with Aquarius Rising often seem a bit kooky; indeed, they often feel rebellious, but there is usually a stronger attunement to convention in them than is seen in most Aquarius Sun individuals.
Both types usu­ally exhibit an immediacy of perception and understanding, a thinking speed and rapidity of learning, that can be star­tling to their slower friends. Both exhibit a cold detachment that is frustrating and often shocking to more emotionally sen­sitive people; Sun in Aquarius seems to be more aloof and impersonal than is Aquarius ASC. The traditional Saturn ruler-ship seems to be stronger than the modern ruler Uranus in many people who have Aquarius Rising. But the house and sign position of Saturn is always important for all Aquarius ASC people.
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