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astrology horoscopes capricornCapricorn Rising often expresses itself with extreme negativity and skepticism, more often than Capricorn Sun does. However, one should understand that in both cases this apparent cynicism and disdain for the new is often a protective cover for a more inquisitive, vulnerable, even spiritually-open nature. Capricorn simply does not like to have time wasted on unproven ideas, but practical and logical proof even of unorthodox realities will often be enough to capture their interest and eliminate their automatic skep­ticism.
Although Capricorn Sun and ASC are both extremely concerned with outer form, appearances, and reputation, the Capricorn ASC seems to be far more fearful of public opinion, often going to great lengths to appear normal, conservative, and "safe." Capricorn Sun seems to have a greater drive toward achievement and authority and a more determined approach to worldly success. Capricorn ASC sometimes seems satisfied merely with being secure. Both are so impersonal that rela­tions with others are often problematical, although Capricorn Sun more often than Capricorn ASC finds it hard to relate on an even one-to-one level.
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