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SAGITTARIUS horoscopes astrologyThe optimism, buoyancy, en­thusiasm, and broad-mindedness that are often, but not always, seen in Sagittarius Sun people are almost uniformly expressed by those who have Sagittarius ASC. Virtually every Sagittarius ASC person I have ever seen could be described as perpetu­ally "up beat," even in the face of continued disappointments or obstacles. Although the tendency toward forcefully preach­ing one's personal beliefs as universal truth is present in Sagit­tarius ASC as well as in Sagittarius Sun,
the ASC expression of this tendency is usually more tolerant and inspiring, while the preaching of a Sagittarius Sun person is often experienced as being hit over the hcad with "the Truth." In other words, self-righteousness seems considerably more flagrant in those with Sun in Sagittarius. Also, Sagittarius ASC people almost never show the aimless, drifting discontent that is so often seen in those with Sagittarius Sun. Sagittarius Rising seems more inclined toward definite action in line with an ideal, whereas Sagittarius Sun is sometimes limited to mental or theoretical activity alone.
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