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scorpio horoscopes ASCENDANTAlways known for intensity, those with Scorpio Rising are very often associated with the healing arts, exploring other people's motives (such as through psycho­therapy), or exploring the unknown or esoteric. Although Scor­pio is often described as courageous, what is usually not mentioned is how much fear is the element motivating their actions. For Scorpio, the best defense is a good offense. Those with Scorpio Rising are constantly on the defensive to a degree not usually seen in Scorpio Sun. Scorpio is a sign of emo­tional extremism, and it is therefore easy to find a powerful negative expression of
Scorpio ASC for every positive expres­sion. Scorpio Rising has in fact gained a rather negative reputa­tion over the years, one which is not entirely undeserved. No other Rising Sign can rival it for vindictive, ruthless, jealous behavior. Vengeance is often a strong motivating factor in their behavior, as is a sometimes paranoid obsession with self-preservation. This often takes the form of a reluctance to let go of anything—money or emotions; they have a great fear of letting go and losing control. Those with Scorpio ASC can be perceptive into others' deeper feelings and motives, when not projecting their own motives onto others. They can be ex­tremely resourceful and often intensely dedicated to a difficult challenge or life mission. The negative traits mentioned above are sometimes greatly ameliorated in Scorpio Sun people, who can be very loyal to those whom they allow into their "inner circle'' of friends. Also, the tendency to undermine oneself seems much less common in Scorpio Sun than in Scorpio ASC. In considering the ruling planet of the ASC, the Mars sign is always more important than the sign of Pluto, and a positively directed Mars can help channel and transform the often self-destructive Scorpio energy.
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