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LIBRA ASCENDANTAlthough a Libra ascendant often tends toward a somewhat narcissistic self-centeredness more often than is the case with Libra Sun, it must be stated also that the Libra ASC person is sometimes genuinely kinder and sweeter than is the Libra Sun, who often relates to others in a more detached way, realizing that life is not all sweetness and light.
Libra Rising lends a personal tone to the way all the other energies of the chart are expressed. Although close relationships are of central importance to those with Libra Sun, the need for "the other" is sometimes even more crucial for the Libra ASC person, whose entire life often seems focused on the primary relationship of their life (or the lack of such a relationship). When there is no partner, the Libra ASC person sometimes loses all sense of direction and can feel a serious lack of in­itiative and physical energy. Fuller details about their rela­tionship needs can be understood by evaluating Venus in the chart. The Libra ASC individual often at least appears more superficial than the Libra Sun, who is usually much deeper than they let on. Also, Libra ASC seems to retain a romantic view of life longer than the often cynical Libra Sun.

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