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leo ascendant astrology horoscopeA Leo Ascendant often seems to motivate a person to try hard to express one's best self. That is not to say that the pride (and even arrogance) of the sign Leo is com­pletely absent from those with Leo Rising, but it does appear that they have less need to "lord it over" other people than those with Leo Sun do. The Leo ASC seems to encourage an especially authentic expression of the person's Sun energy, whereas the Leo Sun person often displays a more self-conscious dramatization of his or her deeper feelings.
Big-heartedness, often said to be a trait of Leo, seems to be a more reliable quality in those with Leo ASC than Leo Sun, which so often insensitively manipulates others for personal gain. Leo ASC can, however, demonstrate an extremely aloof bear­ing and, because of their inordinate need for respect and a show of dignity, often seems to lack the spontaneous humor and playfulness of Leo Sun.
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