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gemini astrology horoscopeThe most inquisitive and friendly Ris­ing Sign, but also the one most inclined to be worried about oneself all the time (except perhaps Libra rising in some cases). Usually very intelligent and curious, and has a tremendous need to communicate verbally. The superficiality so often seen in Gemini Sun is not usually as evident in the Gemini Ascen­dant, but the tendency for one side of the mind not to know what the other side thinks or says is often even more extreme in the Gemini ASC—which can be most infuriating to those who would like to rely on the person and believe what he/she says. The person is not intentionally dishonest; it is just that the right hand knows not what the left hand is doing! (I should also state, however, that I have encountered at least two Gemini Rising people who are very reliable!)
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